“ You are exactly who you want to be… These are the words that continue to echo from the first time I met Jeff in the March of 2005. Coming from humble beginnings, Jeff taught me that where you are in life does not define you, but where you want to go is totally up to you. Selling is often met with perceptions of ill begotten gains and deceptiveness, but Jeff taught me that selling was about solving a problem. It was about understanding a need that needed to be full-filled and then to creatively solve that. This was before what we now know as Design Thinking and Human Centred Design, Jeff understood that there was more to someones ability to transfer the ownership of sometimes immaterial items to someone else based on sales technique. He taught me that everyone has the ability to change not only their own lives but those of the lives around you based on your ability to create commercial activity. This is a testimony to who I see Jeff is today. Today I see everything as a sale, everything as a negotiation. Everything with a creative solution that needs to be crafted and moulded. This is the true art of sales. ”

Justin Sanan
Commercial Director
EOH Digital

” I met Jeff around 14 years ago. Not only did I have the privilege of learning from and working for him, but more importantly became his friend, and during that time he had a big influence on my life.

Jeff was the catalyst to my successful media career, not only on the digital front in South Africa but now as a branch and sales manager for one of Australia’s largest television networks.
Jeff has taught me many values and characteristics that are required for being a successful sales person, leader and person. He is the epitome of leadership, a leader that leads from the front; the example of a leader that I strive to be on a daily basis in my current position. Jeff was always in the coalface with his team, providing them with the necessary motivation, skills and support to get the job done well! He is the example of a leader that becomes the fire inside of you, not beneath you. He is the best I have had the pleasure of working for and with.
Other characteristics I think of when thinking of Jeff are loyalty and gratitude. These are characteristics that Jeff exudes. They come naturally to him and are a shining light in the lives of many people that have the privilege of crossing paths with Jeff. I am grateful to have not only crossed paths with Jeff but also to have had the opportunity to learn from and get to know him.

Jeff is a man among men; a gentleman. He has changed many people’s lives for the better and he is well on his way to creating the legend that is Jeff Ellis. ”

David Perkins.